The RUBINOOS [Berkeley, California]
  • 7" « Gorilla » b/w « Cats & Dogs » (USA [Beserkley] )
  • 7" « I Think We're Alone Now » b/w « As Long As I'm With You » (USA [Beserkley #B5741] July 4,1976)
  • 7" « Hard To Get » b/w « Memories » (USA [Beserkley] )
  • 7" « Nothing A Little Love Won't Cure » b/w « Leave My Heart Alone » (USA [Beserkley] )
  • 7" « I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend » b/w « Gorilla » (USA [Beserkley] )
  • 7" « Falling In Love » b/w « Leave My Heart Alone » (USA [Beserkley] )
  • 7" « If I Had You Back » b/w « The Magic's Back » (USA [Warner Bros] )
  • LP « The RUBINOOS » (USA [Beserkley #0058] 1977)
  • LP « BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD » (USA [Beserkley #0061] 1979)
  • LP « PARTY OF TWO » (USA [Warner Bros] )
  • CD « BASEMENT TAPES » (USA [One Way Records #OW27733]circa 1980-1981/199?) studio demos circa 1980-1981. The Rubinoos étaient un groupe capable d'utiliser les harmonies comme "power element" dans leur pop. Cet aspect de leur musique est très bien illustré ici (e.g. dans l'intro de "It's A Shame", excellent cover de The Starjets, un groupe punkpop Irlandais), peut-être du fait qu'il s'agit de démos, et que ça ressort particulièrement ici.
  • CD « GARAGE SALE » (USA [Big Deal #9012-2]1973-1985/1994)
  • CD « BOMB SHELTER » (USA [?] 199?) Ultra-limited fan-club edition of 20 copies given to friends/fans... sniff, I was not one of those friends :-(
  • [Tr] « »« »Bezerk Times ....Alive Over Germany(USA )
  • [Tr] « »« »Beserkley's Back(USA )
  • [Tr] « »« »Yellow Pills, Vol. 1(USA 1993)
  • [Tr] « »« »Yellow Pills, Vol. 2(USA )
  • RUSHLOW-KING [Michigan]
    Biography Michigan band. Feat. Mike Rushlow and Steve King. Mike Murphy (Denizens) played drums.
  • EP 7" « combo » : « See You Later (Perhaps) »« Ain't Gonna Say I Love You » b/w « I Don't Need Love »« Cold Day In Hell » (USA [Tremor Rds #TR-008] 1979) Late `70s pop-rock with some folk overtone. Pretty good.
  • SCREEN TEST [Syracuse, New York]
    Biography With former members of The Flashcubes, incl. Gary Frenay
  • EP 7" « Inspired Humans Making Noise » : « I Am Sincere » b/w « Anytime » (USA [Northside #705] 3/81)
  • 7" « Suellen » b/w « Girl’s Brand New » (USA [Northside #706] 1/82)
  • The SCRUFFS [Memphis, Tennessee]
  • 7" « Break The Ice » b/w « She Say Yeah » (USA [Power Play #PP 1955] 1977)
  • 7" « Shakin » b/w « Teenage Girls » (USA [Power Play #PP 1957] 1978)
  • LP « WANNA' MEET THE SCRUFFS? » (USA [Power Play #HLPP-5050] 11/1977)
  • 7" « When Donna Romances » b/w « Rock N' Roll Heads » (USA [Sounds Interesting #SI45-006] 1980) Although Scruffs fans sometimes don't like it, I personally think that "When Donna Romances" is a great single. Poppier and less accessible at the same time. The hook is in the dynamics of the song (vocals mix at the right place for a pop song) as if John Felice's Taxi Boys tried their skill at performing the Stephen Burns' repertoire. The song finally appeared on the "Midtown" reissue but actually was more in the "Teenage Gurls" CD vein.[PG]
  • CD « ANGST THE EARLY RECORDINGS 1974-1976 » (USA [Northern Heights #NHM-40210]1974-1976/1997) Imagine an Alex Chilton who would listened to a lot of Rasperries stuff before recording the "Singer Not The Song" sessions (which appeared later on the "Bach's Bottom" LP) and you get the picture. Nevrotic vocal lines, reminding sometimes Memphis pal Tommy Hoehn. "This Can't Go On" was a precursor of early Stamey's (& The dB's) rockers like "(I Thought) You Wanted To Know", with a sense of pathos (did I say Carmen-esque?) which makes this song so wonderful. "This Can't Go On" is worth alone the price of admission. Sometimes it seems that The Scruffs shared with late `70s rockers this same obsession of being a punk approximation of the Stones. A record full of generosity, just like the profuse track listing!
  • CD « WANNA' MEET THE SCRUFFS? » (USA [Northern Heights #NHM-40212] 1997)
  • CD « TEENAGE GURLS » (USA [Northern Heights #NHM-40214] 1998) This CD is a natural follow-up to the Scruffs' debut ; from start to finish, it's full of the same passion fueled, heart-twisting powerpop, albeit a little more polished... Vital pop music! [john b.]. This CD style was more geared toward Anglopop's style of rock, but it's really great and indispensable to any pop collection.
  • CD « MIDTOWN » (USA [Northern Heights #NHM-40216]1980-1988/1998)
  • The SECRETS* [Cleveland?, Ohio]
  • 7" « It's Your Heart Tonight » b/w « Get Your Radio » (USA [Titan!] 1979)
  • LP « The SECRETS* » (USA [Why Fi] 1979) Produced by Tom Petty's Heartbreakers drummer Stan Lynch.
  • The SECRETS [Scotts Valley, California]
  • Gary Ekin : vocals, 6 & 9 string guitars
  • Discography
  • 7" « Wishful Thinking » b/w « Rock And Roll Heartbeat » (USA ) Excellent A-side powerpop. Can be heard on Teenline vol.2.
  • Phil SEYMOUR [Tulsa, Oklahoma]
  • LP « Phil SEYMOUR » (USA [Boardwalk #FW-36996] 1980)
  • The SHADES [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]
    Biography Supposed to be from Philadelphia, PA. from label infos
  • 7" « Hello Mr. Johnson » b/w « Are You My Angel? » (USA [Go Go Inc.] 1979) a slight mod-pop feel, especially for the (good) ditty on the flip. Recommended.
  • The SHADES(2) [USA]
    Biography Label from Tampa, Fla.
  • 7" « Time For Change » b/w « Shake It » (USA [Direct Hit #DH 001] 1980)
  • 7" « You Can Run » b/w « Who's Got My Baby » (USA [Notown] 1979) "You Can Run" is a yummy slice of Raspberries-esque pop -- even it showed off somewhat of a strange musical construction, without any "distinct" chorus. The B-side is more or less forgettable.
  • 7" « Don't Worry 'bout The Night » b/w « Fools Don't Mind » (USA [Notown] 1981) A side is just OK, B-side isn't very good at all, and neither can hold a candle to "You Can Run" [john h.]
  • The SHAKERS [Canada]
  • 7" « Till I'm Gone » b/w « » (USA )
  • SHANE CHAMPAGNE [Boston?, Massachusetts]
  • 7" « Stepped On » b/w « Love My Baby Like A Cat » (USA [Pure&easy Rds] )
  • EP 10" b/w (USA [Pure&easy Rds] 1980)
  • The SHIVVERS [Milwaukee, Wisconsin]
    Biography The SHIVVERS Another Midwest outfit with undeniable potential that couldn't be saved from the powerpop wreck of the early eighties. Hailing from Milwaukee Wisconsin, the band -- led by a feminine singer-songwriter, Jill Kossoris -- showed promise, had high hopes but sadly didn't see fortune smile on them. They were more "new-wavey" than "punk" but retained from the latter a sense of urgency that could be heard in their sole single "Teen Line" released on the Fliptop indepedent label in 1980. It had favorable reviews from Greg Shaw in Bomp and Ken Barnes in New York Rocker. Some of their original (still unreleased) material were in a should-have-been hits vein like the wonderful Krueger-penned "Hold On", or Jill's heartfelt Raspberries tribute "Why Tell Lies". Circa `81 they also recorded a couple of demos recorded, sent later to Eric Carmen, that didn't see the light of day. The band had label interest but they didn't take advantage of that because of a lack of resources (manager etc.) . They eventually broke up in '82 only due to Jill Kossoris' health problems. "When I was Younger" appeared on an obscure compilation LP entitled WQFM Hometown Project Volume 1. "Teen Line" resurfaced on the recent vinyl-only compilation Powerpearls, vol. 2. Read more about the Shivvers by clicking here!
  • Jill Kossoris : lead vocals, keyboards
  • Scott Krueger : vocals, bass
  • Jim Richardson : drums
  • Jim Eannelli : guitar
  • Mike Pyle : guitar
  • Discography
  • 7" « Teen Line » b/w « When I Was Younger » (USA [Fliptop] 1980) "Teen Line" was a very catchy song, kind of bubbly pop rocker akin to bands like Little Girls (of "Earthquake song" fame) or to the poppiest material of Nikki & The Corvettes. Some powerpop aficionados are not so fond of female lead vocals in powerpop (oh, really?) but the very distinctive vocals of Jill Kossoris had a kind of intonation with a bit of a sulty attitude that sounded truely great. The flip "When I was Younger" was a rougher pop track with an edge which showed off that the band felt comfortable with a (slighty) tougher sound.
  • The SHOES [Zion, Illinois]
    Biography Hailing from Zion, Illinois, a town of 20,00 located about 50 miles north of Chicago, which was known mainly for its nuclear reactor : "Normaltown" as once declared J. Murpy. So, what would you expect these guys to do except to sing in a r'n'r... okay, you know the story. Musical-wise, they remind of having been influenced at the beginning by Big Star, Nils Logfren/Grin, The Raspberries and AM Radio. "Heads Or Tails" was their first material ever : a 10 song EP that was recorded, but never released, during the summer of 1974. "One In Versailles" (dedicated to member Gary Klebe who was studying architecture in France and was therefore the "one in Versailles") was recorded in late `74/early `75 and put on vinyl by the band as a self-release limited edition of 1,000 copies. A good number of them sold in local record stores, but soon afterward most of those the band had left over were destroyed in a flood, making it one of the most collectible pop records of all time[DB]. After Klebe came back to Illinois in the summer of `75 Shoes recorded "Bazooka" for which they didn't find funds to press into vinyl. Until the "As Is" CD, that is! "Bazooka" has indeed been packed together with "One In Versailles" on the double limited edition CD "As Is".
  • EP 12" « Heads Or Tails » : b/w (USA [Private Label] 1975) "Heads Or Tails" was a 10 song EP that was recorded, but neverreleased, during the summer of 1974. [DB]
  • LP « ONE IN VERSAILLES » (USA [Private Label] 1976) "One In Versailles" is a wonderful album IMHO,rudimentary to be sure, but containing many of the melodies and structures that Shoes would soon come to be identified with.
  • LP « BLACK VINYL SHOES » (USA [Sire/PVC #SRK6075] 1979)
  • 7" « Okay » b/w « Tomorrow Night » (USA [Bomp! #116] 6/78)
  • LP « PRESENT TENSE » (USA [Elektra #6E-204] 9/1979)
  • LP « TONGUE TWISTER » (USA [Elektra #6E-303] 1981)
  • LP « BOOMERANG » (USA [Elektra] 1982)
  • LP « SHOES ON ICE » (USA [Elektra] 1982)
  • CD « AS IS » (USA [Black Vinyl Rds] ) I don't think Bazooka is quite as good as "One In Versailles", but there are some strong tracks on it. [DB] I like a lot Bazooka, even better than "One In Versailles" ! The Shoes sounded like if they tried to emulate Big Star or the Dwight Twilley band even it was very reminiscent of .. the Shoes! This kind of truely garagey pop is just wonderful to my ears... [PG]
  • The SHOUT [USA]
  • 7" « I Won't Be There » b/w « Sha-day-la-day » (USA [Sounds Interesting #SI45-009] 1982)
  • [Tr] « »« »[ on « The Rebel Kind »](USA 1983/)
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