• 7" Submind b/w Noise In My Head (USA [Tenants Rec.] 1981) Mod-Powerpop
  • TINA PEEL [Harrisburg, Pennsylvania]
    Biography Before the Fuzztones, Rudi Protrudi and Deb O'Nair were in Tina Peel. They released a couple of singles and -- according to Trouser Press -- a tape entitled "Extra Kicks" (Limp, 1980). Sixties-influenced powerpop for sure.
  • 7" Fifi Goes Pop b/w Weekend Geek (USA [Teen Appeal Records #69] )
  • EP 7" More Than Just Good Looks... : Pajama Party Punk Rock Janitor b/w Girl Talk Fabian Lips (USA} [Limp/Dacoit] 1978)
  • The TOASTERS [California]
  • 7" Baby's On The Rag b/w Stuck On You (USA [Bagel Records #1979] ) Bagel Records, Hollywood, CA. Bomp mailorder once qualified it as bubble teenpop.
  • The TOOLS [Terre Haute, Indiana]
  • EP 7" I Finally Got A Girlfriend Better Shape Up b/w Come With Me Show Me Some (USA [Happy Records] 1980)
  • The TOMS [USA]
  • LP The TOMS (USA [Black Sheep #NR11177] 1979)
  • CD THE TOMS (USA [ Not Lame Archives #NLA-001] 1997) reissue of "The Toms" with 7 bonus tracks.
  • The TRADEMARKS [Boston, Massachusetts]
  • 7" It's Up To You b/w (USA [Take It!-magazine #?] 1980) One-sided flexi given away with the "Take It!" magazine.
  • 7" Magic In Her Eyes b/w Run For Your Life (USA [Smash #8101-12] 1981)
  • TREBLE BOYS [N.Y.C., New York]
  • 7" Julie-anne b/w The Ways You Do The Things You Do (USA [Firstake #FT-100] ) Snappy Pop with a `80 sound and a non-negligible proportion of hooks. The chorus of "Julie-Anne" may recall the harmonizing og The Hollies.
  • LP The TREMBLERS (USA [Johnston Rds/CBS #NJZ36532] 1980) produced by and with Peter Noone.
  • The TREMORS [Burbank, California]
    Biography Fan-club located the band at Burbank, CA.
  • 7" Tonite's My Nite b/w (Tell Me) What's Your Name (USA [Fiction #FW-AX96] 1978) The flip "(Tell Me) What's Your name", a kind of ballad, has borrowed the melody line from "Can't Seem To Make You Mine". Not really recommended
  • The TREND [Kennett, Missouri]
    Biography Part of the powerpop scene in Columbia, Missouri, home of Fools Face and The Elvis Brothers (for whom they opened shows). The band broke up in late 1987. John McMullan still carries the torch for the pop cause as a solo artist with recent recordings which appeared in recent pop compilations (Yellow Pills volumes 1 & 2, IPO sampler). He also runs a monthly power pop newsletter as well as a website, both called Mackytoons.
  • Matt Collier : vocals
  • John McMullan : vocals, guitar, keyboards
  • Mike Astrachan : lead guitar
  • Bill Joslyn : bass guitar
  • Brian Mitchell : drums
  • Discography
  • 7" Lucky Day b/w She's Hi Fi (USA [K.S.S. Rd] 1981) Both sides of this single were in a pre-`76 powerpop vein, drawing its inpiration from Merseybeat and bubblegum. Although an ultra-thin sound, two exciting slices of exuberant pop!
  • LP THE TREND IS IN! (USA [Garden Rds #GR 888] 1982)
  • TRIXY & THE TESTONES [Baltimore, Maryland]
  • 7" Palissades Park b/w Bits And Pieces (USA [Toy Records #Toy 001]1979/)
  • Justin TROUBLE [N.Y.C., New York]
    Biography Justin TROUBLE Since the release of the self-titled LP "Justin Trouble" this guy is a mystery to me. Probably from New York, souding sometimes like Byrds "east-coast revisited", also akin to the pop-tinged r'n'r of Sylvain Sylvain or even of Jim Basnight's Moberlys, the guy was well and truly highly inspired for hooks and melodies. Kind of elegant pop with street credibility if this means something ! The 17 tracks of the (first) LP alternated fresh melodic rockers (with Johnny Thunders-like guitar licks) and echoed ballads. A perfect soundtrack for urban romances. His ballads carried the same charm and fragility you could hear in "So Alone" : somewhat of a nostalgic tone slightly timeless. Definitively worth seeking... Fans of more r'n'r-oriented stuff (read Thunders-oriented) should investigate his first single "No love"/"Ponytail", released prior to the LP. Dolls affiliation for sure, because not only did Johnny Thunders produced and co-wrote "No love", but he often had the band open shows for his Heartbreakers. Actually "Justin Trouble" was the first record released, the second having beenreleased under the flickname Justin Love a year later.[PG]
  • Trouble, Justin : vocals,guitar
  • Brett Wilder : bass
  • Discography
  • 7" Ponytail b/w No Love (USA [Casino #CA-002] 1980)
  • LP Justin TROUBLE (USA [Casino] 1983)
  • 7" (JUSTIN LOVE) Touch The Sky b/w Millionaire (USA )
  • LP (JUSTIN LOVE) ROCKOLA (USA [Lovin'records Company #JLR001] 1984)
  • The TUNES [USA]
  • EP 7" Elevator Crowded Heart b/w Too Proud She's Mad (USA [Tune's Tune #D-1100] 1982)
  • Tommy TUTONE [USA]
  • LP Tommy TUTONE (USA [Columbia #36372] 1980)
  • LP 2 (USA [Columbia #RC 37401] 1981)
  • The TWEEDS [Massachusetts]
    Biography The Tweeds were led by Marc McHugh, formerly of 60s band The Bone (with apparently a great song "Everybody's Gone Into April" cut on 7" in 1969).
  • EP 7" Teen Love EP : I'm Thru Shortwave b/w If I Could Only Dance Teenlove (USA [Autobahn #TDS-A-12] 1977)
  • EP 7" Underwater Girl b/w My Memories Postcard (USA [Autobahn #TDS-A-21] 1978)
  • EP 12" Perfect Fit : I Need That Record Hey Baby b/w Later Tonight She's The Girl (Who Said No) I've Got Rock (USA [Autobahn #TDS-1230] 09/1980) On the flip, "Later Tonight", and "She's The Girl" are first-rate (pure) powerpop ditties. Side One is good but "I've Got Rock" strengthens me in my opinion that we should be wary of pop song which contains the words "rock" or "rock'n'roll" within the track name.
  • EP 12" Music for car radios : We Ran Ourselves Kicks b/w Away From You Still In Love (USA [Eat Records #Eatum EP005] 1981)
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