• EP 7" They call me... : b/w (USA )
  • The MUMBLES [Sacramento, California]
    Biography related to Permanent Wave band ("ex-" said Inter. Disc. of the NW vol. 2).
  • 7" Poly Vinyl b/w Collision (USA [Plurex #006] 1979)
  • The MUMPS [USA]
  • 7" Crocodile Tears b/w I Like To Be Clean (USA [Bomp Exhibit 'j' #BEJ-1-A] 1977)
  • EP 7" Rock & Roll This, Rock & Roll That Muscle Boys b/w That Fatal Charm (USA [Perfect Records #PR-1] 1978)
  • CD FATAL CHARM (USA [eggBERT #ER80011CD]1974-1980/1994)
  • The NADS [USA]
  • EP 7" You Don't Know Me b/w The Hurt's Gone Blame It On The Priests (USA [Zip Records] 1980)
  • The NAMES [Chicago, Illinois]
    Biography [Dave Galluzzo-vocals;Rick Pemberton-guitars;Rick Szeluga-bass;Steve Hauser-keyboards;Matt Fynn-drums] Formerly known as the Nicknames, The NAMES were from Chicago,Illinois. "Why Can't It Be" also appeared on Rhino's "DIY Shake It Up!"
  • 7" Why Can't It Be b/w You're A Fool (USA [Fiction #F-99] 11/1977)
  • NASTY FACTS [New York]
  • EP 7" Drive My Car b/w Crazy `Bout You Get To You (USA [Mirror] 1978) Recently resurfaced on the Back Seat Love compilation, vol.1.
  • Phil NEAL [USA]
  • 7" Standard Question b/w ? (USA [Invicta] 1980)
  • The NECESSARIES [New York, New York]
  • 7" You Can Borrow My Car b/w Runaway Child (USA [Spy #002] ) Produced by John Cale. Randy Gun and Ed Tomney on guitar and vocals. Ernie Brooks from the Modern Lovers on bass. Jess Chamberlain on drums.
    Biography See also Denny Ward.
  • 7" I Wanna Play With Guns b/w Don't You Worry (USA )
  • 7" Prettiest Girl b/w No Place Like Home (USA [Ace Records #AHS 102] 1980)
  • The NEMS [USA]
  • 7" Soldier Of Love b/w A Girl Like You (USA [Royal Records #UR-1633] 197?) Pop music from a very Beatles inspired group calling themselves The Nems. The 'A' side features "Soldier Of Love" covered by the Fab Four early in their career. The flip side original fits right in. This self distributed single on Royal Records came out in the latter half of the 1970's.[x]
  • The NERVES [L.A., California]
  • Jack Lee : guitar,vocals
  • Peter Case : bass,vocals
  • Paul Collins : drums,vocals
  • Discography
  • EP 7" Hanging On The Telephone When You Find Out b/w Give Me Some Time Working Too Hard (USA [Nerves Record Co. #N4501] 3/1977)
  • LP THE NERVES - JACK LEE,PAUL COLLINS,PETER CASE (Fra [Offence #9001] ?) The Lp includes the EP,two unreleased songs "Paper Dolls" (Lee),"One Way Ticket" (Case-Lee) as well as four (dispensable?) live tracks[PG]
  • NERVOUS EATERS [Boston, Massachusetts]
  • LP NERVOUS EATERS (USA [Elektra] 1980) Apart from the gimmick cover art (the sleeve is partly bitten off as if by a 'nervous eater'!) and the worst lyrics ever heard in powerpop ("I want a little more from the girl who lives next door/ Although we've just met,my pants are soaking wet/ From this girl,well she's a new girl, she's a pretty girl, yeah she's a lovely girl, oh yeah"), This band's first LP can boast the presence of Jonathan Paley (of Paley Brothers' fame), a few enegetic rockers ("Loretta", "Get stuffed") and a fairly large number of lovelorn ballads.[PT]
  • NERVUS REX [New York]
  • Shaun Brighton : Lead Vocals, Guitar
  • Lauren Agnelli : Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Dianne Athey : Bass
  • Jonathan Lee Gildersleeve : Drums
  • Discography
  • 7" Don't Look b/w Love Affair (USA [Cnr #7] ) Decent new-wave pop.
  • LP NERVUS REX (USA [Dreamland Records Inc. #2394 270] 1980)
  • 7" Die Trying b/w Can't Get Off The Ground (USA [Archive #1301] 1980)
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