The NEWS [Rock Springs, Wyoming]
  • 7" She's So Square b/w The Kids Are Dancing (USA [own label? #33716] 1978)
  • [Tr] [ on Declaration Of Independents (1980)](USA )
  • The NEWS (2) [Moorhead, Minnesota]
    Biography Very Knack-influenced.
  • EP 7" What's the news : I Can See Through You Don't Talk To Me b/w Don't Split My Signal It Doesn't Matter (USA [own label? #DS-001] 1980) I quite like it. [pierre]
  • NIGHTMAN [Rockville, Maryland]
    Biography Nightman was fronted by Mike Colburn who was an early member of The Razz before they recorded their first 45 "C-Redux"(Colburn was also singer for a 60s DC band NOBODY'S CHILDREN who cut a cover of "I Can't Let Go" that was re-leased locally as well as on Buddah Records). At the time of the LP sessions, Colburn had recruited the disbanded Razz members Ted Niceley on bass, Bill Craig on second guitar and Doug Tull on drums. At about the same time, they also backed Tommy Keene on his first solo album "Strange Alliance" which was recorded for Limp but ended up on Tommy's own Avenue label [skip g.].
  • EP 7" Don't You Know At Arm Length b/w Secretary Quite Some Time (USA [Limp #029] 1979) A bit AOR-oriented, but quite good.
  • LP NO ESCAPE (USA [Limp #1006] 1981) The Lp has the power back up of the Razz rhytm section and a power punch not unlike a Cheap Trick album of the time.
  • NIKKI & THE CORVETTES [Detroit, Michigan]
  • EP 7" Young & Crazy + 2 : b/w (USA [Juvenile Deliquent Rds #JD001] 1978)
  • CD NIKKI & THE CORVETTES (USA [Bomp! #BCD 4012] 2000) Due to April, 2000 (with bonus tracks).
  • The NINES [USA]
  • [Tr] ?(USA )
  • EP 7" Like A Top : Worst Comes To Worst b/w Too Late (To Change Your Mind) Now & Then (USA [Pogo Records] 1983) Shoddy but enthusiastic release. Chastain wrote two of the three tunes and sings lead.
  • NO SISTERS [S.F., California]
  • 7" Roscoe's Family b/w Lights Out (USA [White Rds #00001] 1981) A-side sounds like poppier and funnier 77 (early) Talking Heads. Produced by Josef Marc.
  • NOD [Birmingham, Alabama]
    Biography The Raves actually started out as Nod in the early seventies. In these days their style was more geared toward Badfinger's style of rock.
  • [Unreleased] (circa `71-`77)
  • Jerry NOLAN [N.Y.C., New York]
    Biography After he left the Heartbreakers and cut a single with The Idols, former New York Dolls drummer Jerry Nolan recorded a single in Stockholm, Sweden with a local backing group. I've always been tempted to qualify a certain part of the NY Dolls/Heartbreakers' repertoire as powerpop stuff so I can consider this entry as somewhat a contribution to this kind of music from those who've been looked on as the fathers of punk.
  • 7" Take A Chance With Me b/w Pretty Boy (SWE [Tandan Records #TanSin 006] 1982) The A-side already appeared on the Heartbreakers' "Live At Max's Kansas City" LP released in 1979. In fact "Take A Chance With Me" reminds me ... Ringo covering "Boys", hmmm.. that kind of early `60s influences but, this time, revisited by the late `70s New York sound. The song has a *true* pop mix (especially Jerry's vocals) even if I don't forget to mention the loud and crunchy guitars (not a bad thing). In brief, his sole incursion in solo is worth considering. Oh, yes "Pretty Boy" is pretty good too.
  • The NOTES [Massachusetts]
    Biography Featuring the Paley Brothers.
  • 7" Rough School Year b/w Love Gets Lost (USA [Sounds Interesting #SI45-003] 10/79)
  • The NOW [USA]
  • LP The NOW (USA [Midsong International Records #0798] 1979) The Now was produced,arranged,engineered and conceived (?) by Bobby Orlando...
  • The NUMBERS [Canada]
  • LP ADD UP (Canada [Basement #Base 6000] 1979)
  • 7" Can't Take It b/w Sideways Elevators (USA [Basement] 1979)
  • The O'ACES [USA]
    Biography Chicago area.
  • 7" Only Say Yes b/w It's You Tonite (USA [Midwest #079801] 1980) While hesitating between new-wave (the quirky chorus of "Only Say Yes" or the jerky bass in "It's You Tonite") and pure Midwest powerpop (the intro of "Only Say Yes" or the chorus of "It's You Tonite"), this 45 is pretty good yet and showed a lot of potential.
  • OFF BROADWAY [Oak Park, Illinois]
  • LP ON (USA [Atlantic #19263] 1/1980)
  • LP QUICK TURNS (USA [Atlantic #19286] 1980)
  • The ORBITS [Milwakee, Wisconsin]
    Biography The ORBITS Formed in Milwaukee, The Orbits were a mod/powerpop three-piece band whose outstanding "Make The Rules" can be heard on the 2nd volume of Powerpearls. Old bandmate (and also Shivvers' drummer) Jim Richardson once qualified the combo as "Brian Jones on speed fronting The Jam". In fact, the trio was typical of the US vintage late `70s powerpop sound, as they were true garage activists drawing from the `60s legacy much more subtly than their UK contemporaries. Juvenile, disarming, devoid of all pretence or anything. Original members, bassist Scott Krueger, guitarist Breck Burns and drummer Bob Wrenn weren't at the first attempt to start out a band. They played in early incarnations of The Orbits like In A Hot Coma, The Craze (which included guitarist Howie Epstein), and The Drones but their only 7" vinyl appearance was due to The Orbits. Indeed, released on the tiny label No.1, "Make The Rules" backed with smashing "Phenomenal World" were in the bins in 1980, in fact the same week than Milwaukee bandmates The Shivvers' "Teen Line" 7" single. They would be remembered for their blistering sets (they covered The Jam's "In The City", The Who's "So Sad About Us") but their studio counterparts were really worth a try. "Having Fun" and "Smart Suit, Shirt and Tie" were two unreleased tracks intended for an improbable second single that never saw the light of day because the band never finished the mixes. Too bad, because they would deserve to be heard by a wider audience of mod-pop freaks. It was more overtly `60s-influenced, high-energy three-minutes pop opus owing undoubtedly to 20/20, The Jam, Stiv Bators and the Unknown Garage Band (equivalent of the Unknow Soldier). The Orbits sound was tight like a strong black coffee (or its chemical equivalent) but enriched with a lot of pop artifacts (clear vocals, handclaps, peals of guitar riffs, "lalala-la" background vocals). The Shivvers and The Orbits would later morph into one, keeping The Shivvers name and would include Jim Richardson, Scott Krueger, Breck Burns, guitarist Mike Pyle, and singer, songwriter, keyboardist Jill Kossoris. Scott Krueger recently released a very attractive solo CD "One Voice" for which he wrote all but one of the songs, sang all the vocal parts, and played almost all of the instruments.
  • Scott Krueger : bass, vocals
  • Breck Burns : guitar, vocals
  • Bob Wrenn : drums
  • Discography
  • 7" Make The Rules b/w Phenomenal World (USA [No.1 #007] 1980)
  • 7" I Don't Want To Go (To Work Tomorrow) b/w Litlle Mother (USA [Orphan Rec #ORP-001] 1980) recommended by jordan o.
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