The SPONSORS [N.Y.C., New York]
Biography Hailing from New York, The Sponsors was formerly known as the Handgrenades (see entry).
  • LP The SPONSORS (USA [Plexus Rds] 1982)
  • SPOONER [Madison, Wisconsin]
    Biography Spooner was an early incarnation of Garbage, counting Butch Vig & Doug Erickson among members. Spooner started out in 1978 until the mid-'80s, recording about three albums and three singles, including two 7" and one LP between 1979 and 1982, Spooner has later evolved into Firetown. Butch Vig is also known as the producer of Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and Sonic Youth.
  • Butch Vig : drums
  • Dave Benton : guitar and vocals
  • Jeff Walker : keyboards
  • Doug Erikson : guitar and vocals
  • Discography
  • EP 7" Cruel School : Member Of The Family Working Girl b/w From My Head To My Shoes Dancing Dolls (USA [Boat Records #SP-4001] 1979)
  • 7" Where You Gonna Run? b/w You're The Lucky One (USA [Boat Records #SP-3001] 1980) Produced by Spooner, with Gary Klebe, John Murphy & Jeff Murphy. Great slice of midwest-style powerpop.
  • LP EVERY CORNER DANCE (USA [Railroad #HR 8005] 1982)
  • Chris STAMEY [USA]
  • 7" The Summer Sun b/w Where The Fun Is (USA [Ork #81982] 1977) Featuring (and produced by) Alex Chilton himself credited as drummer, guitarist, bg. vocals and percussions. A *fabulous* single, side 1 are incredibly good and the slowest flip almost as great !
  • 7" (CHRIS STAMEY & THE DB'S) (I Thought) You Wanted To Know b/w If And When (USA [Car #CRR 7] 12/1978)
  • STARS IN THE SKY [Hollywood, California]
    Biography To be filed in that improbable gleaming juke-box stamped "Wall of Sound", between the Flamin'Groovies of "Now" and Dave Edmunds of "Subtle As Flying Mallet", near to Dwight Twilley. "Baby Hold On" later was credited to The Martians on the Bomp compilation "Waves : an anthology of new music vol.2". Predictible but recommended.
  • Dan Phillips : lead vocals,guitar,bass,piano
  • David Scott : lead vocals,guitar
  • Discography
  • 7" (and The Milky Way Band) Baby Hold On b/w Love (What A Feeling) (USA [Stars In The Sky Rds] 1976)
    Biography Jam-sounding band.
  • 7" No Direction b/w Invisible Man (USA 1980)
  • SVT [San Francisco, California]
    Biography Feat. Jack Casady, best known for his performance with Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna.
  • 7" (SVT) Wanna See You Cry b/w (USA )
  • 7" (SVT) Heart Of Stone b/w (USA [415 Records] )
  • SWEET TOMMY BAND [S.F., California]
  • EP 7" World Of Science : b/w (USA 1981) 8 songs
  • Sylvain SYLVAIN [N.Y.C., New York]
  • LP Sylvain SYLVAIN (USA [RCA] 1980)
  • LP (The CRIMINALS) 78' CRIMINALS (Fra [New Rose #FC008] 1985)
  • Richard TAYLOR [Massachusetts]
  • EP 12" Sheila Little Romance b/w Rachel, Rachel No Guarantee (USA [Star Rhythm #EP 1202] 1983) Same label as The Taxi BOYS EP. Same guitar-oriented rock'n'pop sound too. Recommended.
  • EP 7" I Can't Kick ? b/w ? ? (USA [Star Rhythm #1002] 1981)
  • EP 12" b/w (USA [Bomp! #4019-EC] 1981)
  • The TEARJERKERS [Syracuse, New York]
    Biography With ex-Flashcubes Frenay & Lenin.
  • 7" Syracuse Summer b/w Jane (USA [Sunday #DS1017] 1980) Produced by Gary Frenay of the Flashcubes & Screen Test and by Ducky Carisle of the Ohms. A-side is a very nice Beach song written by Frenay.
  • The TESTORS [New York]
  • 7" Together b/w Time Is Mine (USA [Drive In #BOP 1] 1980) Punk-pop with `60s influences and raucous vocals. This one is fairly sought-after by collectors who're into the punk side of the powerpop trend.
  • Billy THERMAL [USA]
  • [Tr] [ on Sharp Cuts (Planet, 1980)](USA ) later covered by Pat Benatar(!)
  • THIRD FLOOR STRANGERS [Buffalo, New York]
  • 7" Lorraine b/w You Are The One (USA [Trelaine] )
  • Marc THOR [Massachusetts]
    Biography Also had a track on "Live At The Rat".
  • 7" (Marc THOR BAND) Trak b/w Love Sucks (USA [Indy Rds #NR10894] 1979)
  • 7" Holiday Fire b/w Boystown Boize (USA [Indy Rds] )
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