• 7" You Told Me b/w ? (USA [Modern Method #?] 1982)
  • 7" Best Friends b/w Bright Lights (USA [Modern Method #004] 198?)
    Biography Feat. Ivan Julian of the Voidoids}update={2000-02-14
  • 7" I'm Searchin' For You b/w Fever (USA )
  • The PALEY BROTHERS [West Hempstead, New York]
    Biography It seems that The Paley Brothers also cut 3 or 4 tracks with Phil Spector which have never been released anywhere.
  • 7" Ecstasy b/w Hide N' Seek (USA [Sire #1001] 1977)
  • 7" Tell Me Tonight b/w Turn The Tide (USA [Sire #1033] 1978)
  • 7" You're The Best b/w Magic Power (USA [Sire #1021] 1978)
  • 7" Rendez-vous b/w (USA )
  • LP The PALEY BROTHERS (USA [Sire #SRK6052] 4/1978)
  • PASTICHE [Boston, Massachusetts]
    Biography Featured Mr Curt.
  • 7" Flash Of The Moment b/w Derelict Boulevard (USA [Euphoria #ESS-001] 1976)
  • Ray PAUL [Boston, Massachusetts]
    Biography Former Boston power-popster Ray Paul is now the owner of Permanent Press Records.
  • 7" Lady Be Mine Tonight b/w Hold It (USA [Euphoria #ESS-02] 1977)
  • LP (RAY PAUL & RPM) GO TIME (USA [Muscle Recordworks #2099X] 1980)
  • 7" How Do You Know ? b/w Keep It Confidential (USA [ Permanent Press Records #Press 1] 1981)
  • CD THE CHARLES BEAT(BEST OF THE BOSTON YEARS 1977-1981 & NOW) (USA [ Permanent Press Records #PPCD 52750] may/June, 2000) The CD, now due to June 2000, is a Ray Paul collection of 19 tracks over the years, with 6 unreleased that include a brand new recording, Pagliaro's "Some Sing, Some Dance" featuring Emmitt Rhodes (who also pre-mastered the entire album). It will also feature both of his singles, selections from the album "Go Time", unreleased demos and outtakes, and a live recording of "Telegram Sam".
  • 7" You Got It (Release It) b/w ? (USA 1979)
  • PERMANENT WAVE [Sacramento, California]

    PEZBAND [Chicago?, Illinois]
  • LP PEZBAND (USA [Passport #PP98021] 4/1977)
  • 7" On And On b/w I'm Leavin' (UK [Radar Records #1978] )
  • LP LAUGHING IN THE DARK (USA [Passport #PB98026] 4/1978)
  • EP 12" Too Old,Too Soon Live at Dingwalls : b/w (USA [Passport] 1978)
  • EP 12" Thirty Seconds over Schaumburg : b/w (USA [Pvc] 1981)
  • LP COVER TO COVER (USA [Passport #98037] 1981)
  • EP 7" Ally Sally Princess Mary b/w Oh Boy Eddie's Pal (USA [ Not Lame Records ] 1995) from 1974 sessions with C.Johnson later in Off Broadway usa.
  • The PHONZ [Southern Indian, USA]
    Biography Featuring Larry Grisham (who still writes and records as leader of blues-rockers, The Beat Daddys)
  • 7" No Line For You b/w ? (USA [? #?] 1979) "No Line For You" was released regionally as a single. A good powerpop song with a catchy chorus with handclaps.[pierre]
  • LP The PHONZ (USA [Limp Dog] 1981) 10" record in a 12" jacket.
  • The PIGS [USA]
  • EP 12" P Is For Pigs : In God We Trust b/w (USA )
  • The PITS [?]
  • EP 7" (JOHN MENDELSOHN'S PITS) Hollywood Can Be Cruel Autumn Approaching b/w You're The Pits Where's My Jane? (USA [Bomp! #105-EP] ) "Autumn Approaching" -- and "Where's My Jane?" -- are two pure pop gems. Very Raspberrie-esque in their best soft pop vein.
  • The PLANETS [New York]
    Biography As far as I know, The Planets were from New York City. Seemed to be a long time Bomp and Trouser favourite, maybe because they remained unsigned for a few years. I read from Bomp that "they have been around since approximately 1972, and even then they were a strongly commercial, Who-influenced powerpop band". According to the valuable America Underground column published in Trouser Press, "circa `77 they has gone through a major shake-up. Lead singer Tally Taliaferrow had left to join The HEAT (see entry) and guitarist Binky Phillips has shifted to the center mike to sing and share guitar duty with new-comer Jeff Lull (once briefly a Planet bass player)". I miss any reference about their releases, but I understand they've never had any record out. Any help ?

    The PLIMSOULS [California]
  • EP 12" Zero Hour : Great Big World Zero Hour b/w Hypnotized How Long Will It Take? I Can't Turn You Loose (USA [Beat Records #BE1001] 2/1980) Captured The Plimsouls at their quintessence. Reissued on the french Lolita label.
  • LP The PLIMSOULS (USA [Planet] 1981)
  • LP EVERYWHERE AT ONCE (USA [Geffen] 1983)
  • LP ONE NIGHT IN AMERICA (Fra [New Rose] 1981,1988)
  • CD THE PLIMSOULS...PLUS (USA [Rhino #R2 71061]1980-`81/1992) Reissue of the first LP. As bonus tracks the CD also includes the "Zero Hour" EP, an outtake "Memory" and a couple of b-side tracks.
  • The POP [Los Angeles, California]
  • 7" Break The Chain b/w Hit And Run Lover (USA [Backdoor Man #1001] 1976)
  • EP 7" Down On The Boulevard b/w I Need You Easy Action (USA [Backdoor Man #5001] 1977)
  • LP The POP (USA [Arista #Arty 170] 1977)
  • LP GO! (USA [Arista #AB4243] 8/1979)
  • The POP(2) [Madison, Wisconsin]
    Biography Not the same band as above. Two mid-tempo (and great) Beatle-esque tracks with heavily Everly Brothers-influenced harmonies (sorry for such a pleonasm). If it does appeal to you, it's four you.
  • 7" Wait A Minute b/w Love Is Still Ours (USA [Straight To The Point] 1981)
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